UBA National Course Ladram Bay April 2015

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Juniors at this year's event enjoyed instruction given by Sensei Chris Hunt 7th Dan, National Coach to Police UK and technical adviser to Barbados Olympic Team

Here Sensei Hunt ties a senior player in knots.

The children also got to grips, or rather Sensei Goldman did ......

.... and with the seniors too!

Not forgetting having a go. Nearly!

There was Taekwondo to try with Black Belt 4th Dan Katie Southard.

... and they really enjoyed that.

Games off the mat ...

.... and organising to do (oh what a chore sitting here!)

Body Combat was on the programme where Karly took them through their paces.
All sweat and smiles.

And there was instruction from Sensei Clarke

Go on!

To finish there were colourful displays.

And finally with Sensei Goldman awarding Steve Clarke his 6th Dan ...

... there were celebrations all round.



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