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UBA Championships March 2019

Junior Black Belts February 2019

Winter Advanced Training December 2018

Team UBA October 2018

Advanced Training September 2018

Fun Residential Weekend June 2018

UBA Championships May 2018

UBA National Course April 2018

Sensei Ruth goes Trans Siberian August 2017

Corsica Trek May 2017

Bushido Zazen Nationals October 2017

Fun Residential Course 2017

UBA National Course April 2017

Advanced Training December 2016

Dan is awarded his Dan grade! - October 2016

Bushido Zazen Nationals October 2016

Fun Residential Course July 2016

UBA Championships July 2016

Aikijitsu Course July 2016

UBA National Course April 2016

Group Trip to the Pyrenees February 2016

Senior Winter Training January 2016

Winter Advanced Training December 2015

Junior Black Belt award November 2015

Three make it to top of junior ranks - October 2015

UBA Championships July 2015

Junior Black Belt Gained June 2015

Sensei Goldman wins
Sports/Fitness Provider of the Year Award June 2015

Ladram Bay - UBA National Course 2015

Jujitsu Course March 2015

Two Junior Black Belts awarded February 2015

Guest Instructors 2015

Winter Advanced Training December 2014

Senior Nationals at High Wycombe November 2014

Low Grade Championships November 2014

Callum - Junior Black November 2014

Junior Nationals at High Wycombe October 2014

Sensei Ruth Climbs to New Heights!

Summer Advanced Training August 2014

UBA Championships July 2014

Residential Fun Weekend June 2014

Another Mountain Climbed! Scafell Pike April 2014

UBA National Course Ladram Bay April 2014

Black Belt Promotions April 2014

Winter Advanced Training 2013

Senior Nationals at High Wycombe November 2013

Harvey - new UBA Junior Black Belt

UBA Team attend Bushido Zazen Junior Nationals
October 2013

Summer Advanced Training 2013

UBA Junior Championships July 2013

The Pyrenees Trip June 2013

UBA National Course 2013

Bushido Budo Kai Championships March 2013

Winter Advanced Training December 2012

Team UBA attend Bushido Zazen Nationals October 2012

Jack Bond "fights" on

Snowdon Climb September 2012

Advanced Training August 2012

Residential Fun Weekend June 2012

UBA Junior Championships June 2012

UBA Senior Championships May 2012

UBA National Course at Ladram Bay 2012

March 2012
UBA attend Tora Judo Kai Championships

February 2012 New Junior Black Belts

UBA Seniors attended Bushido Nationals at High Wycombe
November 2011

Sensei Goldman in Action (a long time ago!)

Itsutsu No Kata

Junior Black Belts October 2011

Bushido Junior Nationals October 2011

Ben Nevis Climb September 2011

Local UBA Senior Championships July 2011

Y+ Contest Course July 2011

Jujitsu Course 2011

UBA Junior Championships June 2011

UBA National Course at Ladram Bay 2011

Residential Winter Training Weekend, Tiverton 2010

Bushido Zazen Senior Nationals 2010

Bushido Zazen Junior Nationals - October 2010

UBA Senior Championships 2010

Danny Da Costa holds seminar for UBA

UBA Junior Championships 2010

UBA National Course at Ladram Holiday Park April 2010

Team UBA at the Tora Judo Kai Championships
Bristol, March 2010

Junior Black Award January 2010

Bushido Zazen Senior Championships November 2009

Team UBA take part in Bushido Zazen's Junior Nationals with great results again. October 2009

Judo World Cup Visit September 2009

UBA Junior Championships July 2009

Junior Black Award June 2009

UBA National Course at Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Devon April 17-19 2009

UBA Senior Championships 2009

Team UBA at the Tora Judo Kai Championships,
Bristol, March 2009

Team UBA take part in Bushido Zazen's
"Junior National" with great results
October 2008

Advanced Training Weekend August 2008

UBA Junior Championships July 2008

27th Annual UBA National Course & Family Holiday, Ladram Bay, Devon April 2008

Senior Championships April 2008

Jujitsu March 2008

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