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Although judo is a combatative contact sport and injuries can occur, judo at our Devon Judo Centres is more than just a 'fight'. With our established high standards our safety record is second to none.

At Devon Judo Centres everyone works together in an atmosphere where the welfare of the participants is our number one priority. Good behaviour and respect for one another is as much a part of judo as is the mastering of the techniques.

Devon Judo Centres and the Universal Budo Association (UBA), has, while promoting all aspects of judo, actively campaigned to reverse the over aggressive, even dangerous trend, in much judo outside its ranks.


  • All Devon Judo Centre qualified Club Directors have completed the UBA six-year teacher training award programme.

  • All qualified tutors are fully insured to teach.

  • All pupils are insured too with member to member and personal accident cover.
  • All Devon Judo Centres follow the procedures of the Association's:
  • - Child Protection Policy
    - Safety Policy
    - Equality Policy
    - First Aid Policy.

  • Appointed UBA officers are always on hand to deal with any issue that may arise.

  • All adults working within our Devon Judo Centres are periodically re-qualified in First Aid through the Red Cross.

  • All adults working in our Devon Judo Centres, Club Directors, Tutors, Assistants and Classroom Helpers, are Police checked through the Criminal Records Bureau.

  • All of the above documentation is available to view at our Centres.


  • To provide a safe and friendly environment for the practice of judo and other budo arts.

  • To ensure the safety and well being, both mental and physical, of all participants.

  • To maintain the established high standards of the UBA.

  • To follow as far as possible Kenshiro Abbe's Kyu Shin Do approach to judo and other budo arts.

  • To encourage and stimulate the interest in Kenshiro Abbe's approach.

  • To hold grading examinations, contests, demonstrations and instructional courses in budo and related arts.

  • To encourage the membership to explore judo and other martial arts in and out of its own ranks.

  • To make any other acts necessary to carry out and facilitate any of the above aims.

Once you have decided which club you may like to attend have a word with one of our Club Directors. They will give you any information you need and invite you along to your chosen Devon Judo Centre where you'll be given a welcome and information pack. You'll see a short profile of each Club Director by clicking on the Tutor Profiles link.

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