IN BRIEF. All our Devon Judo Centres come under the umbrella of the Universal Budo (Martial Arts) Association, UBA, with its established high standards.

The Association was founded in 1982 with the approval of the legendary world-renowned Japanese judo master, the late Kenshiro Abbe.

Abbe, all Japan champion, popularised judo throughout Europe and the UK during the 1950's and 1960's. His famed words "Only one in a million makes Champion" are fundamental to the ethos of the UBA and Devon Judo Centres of encouraging harmony and enjoyment in judo and other martial arts rather than chasing medals and seeking the 'glory' of winning.

To see our Standards and Aims click here. For more information on UBA and Kenshiro Abbe click here.

The UBA is led by its President, judo master John Goldman, Black belt 7th Dan. John was a personal friend of Kenshiro Abbe. Click here to find out more about John Goldman.

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